Hichki Monday china box office collection

Hichki box office india

Hichki is decent on monday

Hichki has held well on Monday with accumulations somewhat superior to Friday as well as the footfalls. The film has crossed $5 million and could do around $8-10 million in China relying upon the second week. This is truly great considering in contrast with India which had a 60 crore GROSS and $9 million in China will mean around 65 crore GROSS.

In general its looking a reasonable outcome for the film in China but the hopes were very high since this is a women oriented film.The real damage was done on day 1 when the collections were very less but from Saturday the trend & hold is decent.

The collection of Hichki in China till date are as per the following.


Net – $750,000

Screenings – 38,335

Footfalls – 168,562


Net – $1,740,000


Footfalls – 397,642


Net – $1,740,000

Screenings – 29,541

Footfalls – 394,597


Net – $78,000 apprx

Screenings – 29,894

Footfalls – 183,382

Add up to (4 Days)

Net – $5,030,000

Screenings – 126,375

Footfalls – 1,139,214

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